External plaster, or stucco, is one of the most common external materials for residences throughout Santa Clarita and all over California. Easy to apply and install inside and outside of houses, stucco starts as a thick plaster then hardens to a dense material. And just like other building materials, stucco looks great and stays strong for years with minimal maintenance. Stucco is common in Santa Clarita and arid regions because it can absorb water.

However, like any building material, external plaster is prone to some problems. Fissures and dents can form over time from your house settling into its foundation or impacts. Santa Clarita Handyman Connection excels in plaster maintenance and installation for houses and businesses alike.

Typical Repairs for Stucco

Stucco is one of the most commonly used housing exteriors across Southern California and Santa Clarita, but it also comes with its share of pros and cons. While stucco sucks up some water, the leftover moisture may present issues later. Too much moisture attracts fungal development and increases humidity, which may enlarge the fissures or dents on the surface. Mistakes like improperly installed window or issues with inner layers of the wall can cause additional problems like drips.

Armed with a range of analytical and repair tools, the talented contractors with Handyman Connection can assist with stucco repair. Among them are instruments designed to find water in the lumber under the plaster surface. Permeability-measuring devices will also check how easily air and water enter through your walls. Furthermore, we are skilled enough to find issues with a visual inspection.

The Santa Clarita Handyman Connection staff can do the following:

  • Refurbish stucco
  • Cracks, scratches and dents
  • Remove stucco to access electric, plumbing or mechanical issues
  • Apply plaster near electric panels, new windows, doors or sliding glass

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