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Why I love Handyman Connection

Devin came out and listened to what I wanted and needed to be done to change, modify, and make additions to my brand new construction home to accommodate my disability needs. He, then, recommended the neccessary parts, equipment, and style to match the existing home decor. He, also, designed and a custom platform to cover my bath tub to better utilize the unused space. Meanwhile, I had to leave for a Dr's appointment and during my absence, he was able to construct the custom platform and placed on top of the tub and had the four grab bar locations premarked and readied for my inspection and approval for installation. His marked placement of the grab bars was exact locations as I had explained and needed. And after seeing Devin's progress and inspecting the placement of the grab bars, I was very fatigued and sleepy due to the trip to the Dr's appointment, so I proceeded to prepare to go to sleep when I lost my balance and had fallen. Before I even had a chance to gather my thoughts to comprehend what had happened, Devin came to my aid and ready to help me. He asked and made sure I was not harmed prior to helping me get off the floor and on to the bed. Once I was settled in and ready to fall asleep, Devin asked for my assurance that I was well and comfortable before resuming back to his work. I was very grateful for his presence, his alertness, and his willingness to help. Because, I didn't have any strength and awareness to stand and get on to the bed on my own. When I woke up, I was very very pleasantly surprised to find that Devin had, not only mounted new shelves on the wall but he had orderly stacked all my Ostomy supplies and other medical supplies on the shelves. In addition, he had placed my medical equipment off the bathroom floor and placed it on the newly constructed bathtub platform. I'm wery pleased with the work done by Devin. But, he did beyond call of duty by organizing my supplies on the new shelves! Thank you, Devin!!👍😀


Paul C Han
Handyman Connection of Golden

Wonderful service and craftsmanship. Thank you


Karen H
Fayetteville, AR
Handyman Connection of NW Arkansas

Excellent service. We have been with Handyman for years and have always been pleased with the service. Thank you. Ken


Ken C
Kitchener, ON
Handyman Connection of Kitchener

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