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Why I love Handyman Connection

Excellent job!

Lillian A
Lexington, KY
Handyman Connection of Lexington

A friend recommended your company to me and typed up a list of tradesmen I could call on. A few days ago, I took a tub and right afterwards had a leaky faucet which was more like a fast trickle and called upon your plumber Cory who to my surprise said he would come within two hours to fix my problem. He fixed my problem in less than half an hour. A few days later I called on Cory with another problem and there too he came quickly and fixed it. He even got me a coupon to allow a discount on my cost. I'm am very happy to call upon any one of your tradesmen as I can see your service is efficient and professional as well as reasonably priced.

Vera D
Oshawa, ON
Handyman Connection of Durham

The workers were prompt and efficient. The job was completed in a timely manner and they left the place looking clean and beat.

Linette S
Raleigh, NC

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