With various materials, colors, and styles available, tile is the great ideal way to create a fresh and stylish look in your home bathroom, kitchen or other areas of your home. There is much more to tile than you might think, and a great way of creating that perfect look for your home can brighten any room or space.

The possibilities are endless with new tile floors or tile back splashes that can give your room a whole new look, but these projects can be very difficult if you don’t have the necessary experience with tiling, which is where your professional and experienced Handyman Connection of London can help you with all your tile projects.

Whether you need a simple replacement or repair job, or a new floor or tile back splash, our professional handymen will give your project the care it deserves every step of the way, from design and planning, to cleaning and polishing the finished product.

Here are a few specific tasks that our Handyman Connection of London can provide for you:

  • Removing and replacing any flooring or surface.
  • Planning and design of the tile project.
  • Tiling for back-splashes, counter-tops, fireplace bases, window trim and more.
  • Replacing broken or damaged tile.
  • Finalizing all grout.
  • Polishing and cleaning the final product.

Additionally our location may be able to manage other flooring projects, depending on what you need done. Tile is not the only type of flooring that we can repair or replace. Contact us for more information on other projects you may be in need of.