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selecting a new door

Front Door Replacement Options

Q: It’s time to replace my front entry door – What door options are available?

A: When planning an exterior door replacement project, some items to consider with your new door selection are curb appeal, strength & security and energy efficiency. There are 3 main categories of exterior doors: steel, wood, and fiberglass – all with a wide variety of styles of doors to select from. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each category:

Steel Doors –
Pros: Strength & Durability. Relatively Inexpensive.
Cons: Have to be painted periodically. Less energy efficient.

Wood Doors –
Pros: High End Look, Aesthetic Value for the Beauty of the Wood
Cons: Expansion & Contraction. High Maintenance.

Fiberglass Doors –
Pros: Combines the strength & durability of steel and the beauty of wood. Low maintenance. Energy Efficient.
Cons: Difficult to repair if damaged. Fiberglass doors can be pricey.

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