Home is Always a Work In Progress – 6 Aging In Place Home Improvements to Make Your Home Safer

Q: What are some ideas for “aging in place” improvements that can make my home more senior friendly?

A: As we age our homes can seem less accommodating – toilets are too low, cabinets are too high and stairs to climb that make getting around difficult. Here are some ideas for improvements that can help make any home more accessible for “aging in place”:

  1. Switch out doorknobs and faucets for lever handles. These can be turned with your whole hand instead of having to rely on stiff fingers.
  2. Install a curb less shower to avoid having to step up and over. Also adding a hand-held showerhead, a bench, or a grab bar can make taking a shower safer.
  3. To make getting up and down easier, modify your existing toilet by adding a taller toilet seat or consider installing an ADA Compliant Toilet which sits about 2” to 4” taller than a standard toilet. Also adding a grab bar near the toilet to facilitate sitting and standing easier.
  4. Install bright lights over stairs and landings. Be sure there is a light at the top and bottom of the stairs.
  5. Convert living space on the 1stfloor of the home to a bedroom and bathroom. This will eliminate having to navigate stairs.
  6. To accommodate a wheelchair plan to widen doorways and hallways – Doorways should be 32” or larger and hallways should be 42” or larger.

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