How to Find a Good Local Handyman

One of the essentials of moving into a new home is having a good local handyman in your contacts list in case you need someone to do emergency repair work. In this blog, Handyman Connection® of Wake Forest shares how you can find a local handyman as soon as you move into your new home.

Ask Your Neighbors for Recommendations

Probably the fastest route to getting a tried-and-true handyman is by asking your neighbors for recommendations. For tasks such as plumbing and electrical repair, recommendations are usually enough. Asking your neighbors is also an opportunity to introduce yourself. For more complicated work like carpentry, decking, and tiling-and-grouting, you will need to cast a wider net and look for a qualified handyman.

Check the References

Some prospective handymen will provide a few references. Make it a point to call each one of these references before you make your decision. For carpentry, decking, and remodeling work, see if you can visit at least one of the references so you can examine their handywork yourself.

Sites That Allow Local Searches

While you can use your favorite search engine to find a local handyman, there are a few sites that are home improvement-centric, such our own Handyman Connection. Instead of narrowing your results down by location, we have individual sites that cater to specific areas, narrowed down by trade. You can request an estimate by simply filling out a form.

Another advantage of working with Handyman Connection is that each one of our craftsmen is screened for skills, experience and quality of work. Each one undergoes a strict background check. Whether you need minor repairs or have a home addition in mind, you can count on us to provide excellent workmanship and superior customer service. The best part is, should you decide to move to a different city, chances are there’s a local Handyman Connection ready to serve you.

Handyman Connection of Wake Forest is your leading provider of handyman services. Give us a call at (919) 701-8009 or fill out our contact form.

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