Expert Tips on Replacing Door Knobs and Deadbolts

There are a number of reasons you might replace your door knobs or deadbolts. But whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, practical concerns, or security issues, it’s always important to do so flawlessly. Handyman Connection of Knightdale can help you with general home maintenance tasks like this. That said, if you prefer doing it yourself, here are some tips:

Door Knobs and Deadbolts

 Determine the Amount of Door Hardware You Need

Before starting on the project, you first need to determine how many exterior doors you have and how much hardware is needed for each. Make sure that the hardware you buy are all keyed alike so you can open them with the same key. Since most knobs and deadbolts are sold as sets, you’ll need to examine the packaging if you need more than one set. You’ll want to look for the number indicating the key type. Packages with the same number will use the same key.

Remove Your Existing Hardware

Once you have the replacement hardware, you’ll need to remove your current door knob or deadbolt set. Loosen the screws on one side of the door to allow you to pull the knobs apart and out of the door. Afterward, remove the latch plate and the latch itself. If you find it difficult to pull out, you can push the latch from the inside using a screwdriver. Do the same for deadbolts and make sure to remove any decorative plates.

Install New Hardware

Installing new door knobs and deadbolts requires doing the steps in reverse. Install the latch first and tighten the screws, then line up the exterior door knob so its three prongs go exactly through the holes in the latch. Next, install the other knob and tighten the screws. When done, test the locking system to make sure everything is working perfectly. For a deadbolt, you’ll need to set the new latch and plate into the door first and then install the deadbolt and decorative plate. Replacing door hardware is a simple project that can significantly affect your home’s beauty and security. Aside from hardware installation, our team at Handyman Connection of Knightdale can offer carpentry, remodeling, plumbing, and other home improvement and maintenance services. Contact us at (919) 424-3344 to request a free estimate.

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