Simple Tips to Help You Find and Fix Window Air Leaks

Do you feel drafts near your window? Air leaks make your home uncomfortable and waste energy, which is why you need to deal with them as soon as possible. Some air leaks, however, are hard to detect. Today, Handyman Connection of Knightdale will provide you tips to help you find and seal these hard-to-detect air leaks:

Window Air Leaks

  • Check Obvious Areas – Inspect your windows and see if there are damaged caulking and weatherstripping. You can also check if there are cracks and gaps in the frame where you can feel a draft. Open and close the window several times as well, checking if it seals tight each time. You can then caulk the window or replace the weatherstripping if necessary. This can solve your air leak problem, but for best results, you can still follow the steps below.
  • Prepare Your Home – Shut all your fireplace flues, exterior doors, and windows. You also need to turn off the furnace and water heater. Then you need to turn on every exhaust fan that you have to suck as much air out of your home as you can. After this, air will begin to flow back into the house through the cracks and gaps in your home. You can use this to detect air leaks.
  • Locate the Leaks – Use an incense stick or candle and bring it close to the window or any place where you suspect that there is an air leak. The smoke from the incense stick and the flame from the candle will waver if there is a leak. You can also try lightly dampening your hand. It will feel cool near the source of a leak. Take note of the areas where this happens and re-inspect them..

These are just some of the ways you can find air leaks near your window. If you want a thorough and accurate measurement of air leakage, then you can hire a qualified technician to perform an energy audit.

If you’re planning to undertake this home improvement project, why not do other home improvement tasks at the same time? Handyman Connection of Knightdale can help you with remodeling, carpentry, painting, maintenance, and other projects. Contact us to learn more about detecting air leaks. You can also ask for a free estimate.

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