If your ceiling needs repair you can bet your customers will notice. It’s important to ensure your ceiling looks impeccable and clean. Whether it’s a storeroom or boutique, new ceiling tiles can create the impact you want. Prevent a complete renovation by improving your company’s looks with a simple ceiling tile installation. Ceiling tiles are much lower cost than a remodel and can completely cover up a stained ceiling. No matter what type of ceiling your company needs, Handyman Connection of Victoria can tackle it.

Ceiling Tile Installation

Installation procedures and tile types differ, the Handyman Connection team can help you choose the best one for your company. Acoustic ceiling tiles help create a space is sound absorbent and acoustically perfect while tin ceiling tiles can give a room some beauty. Installation procedures differ and can change the look and practical purpose of a room too. Handyman Connection can install ceiling tiles using these methods:

  • Surface Mount Ceiling Installation — Surface mounted ceiling tiles are applied directly and are great for getting the most out of your building’s ceiling space. Direct apply ceilings are also a useful way to mask stains or exteriors you don’t like. These kinds of tiles are applied directly onto a joist or onto an existing surface like plaster or drywall.
  • Suspended Ceilings — It’s easy to work on a property’s vent system if you use suspended ceilings. Drop ceilings leave a free area that allows for an accessible method for fixing the electrical systems behind them. Drop ceilings also only require about 3 inches of additional space, so they don’t take up too much of your room’s extra headspace.

Why Hire Handyman Connection?

Since it is critical for companies to stay budgeted, we offer transparent, fair and detailed quotes. When you hire Handyman Connection you can expect quality work and a cost-free written estimate where you can choose the budget and start date. All commercial ceiling tile installations in Victoria, BC are performed by skilled installation technicians who have completed a comprehensive background check and make sure to leave a neat job site. We handle communication with all product suppliers and outside contractors that may need to be used. Your cost-free ceiling tile installation quote is at the ready, reach out to us today.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.