New Year – New You! Avoid these Decorating Mistakes

HMC Victoria Decorating Tips

If you are looking for a change this 2019, why not start with your favorite place – your home! Whether you are looking for a larger scale remodel or even a small update, Handyman Connection of Victoria wants to ensure you don’t sabotage your design with these mistakes.

Excess Furniture – A common mistake made is filling your large open space with too much furniture. This will only create your space to look smaller and more cramped. If you have already made this problem and now notice what we mean, see if you can repurpose any of the items somewhere else in your home. If you have sentimental emotions with some pieces and can’t seem to get rid of them or sell them, try passing them down to a family member where you can still see it, but have your open space back.

Busy Patterns – The quickest way you can throw off your design in a bad way is by using too many patterns. The easiest way to avoid this mistake is to pick one piece that is your favorite, like a rug and then use it to anchor the room. Pick one or two fun, earthy patterns for throw pillows and then use solid prints for your curtains and blankets to hold your theme together.

Knick-Knack Chaos – Little trinkets and accessories are a perfect way to add some life to your shelves and show off your style but they can easily turn into clutter. When you have too many items being shown off, your space may just look messy and unorganized. Try to limit yourself to only picking a few pieces that are your favorite and vary the size and height of your pieces to create a balanced look.

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From painting to bathroom remodelling, Handyman Connection of Victoria can assist you with any of your home improvement needs. If you need some help with your design or redecorating plans, call us today to receive your free evaluation quote.

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