Upgrade your Bathroom with 5 Low-Cost Ideas

While you may be thinking, “Bathroom remodels are expensive!”, they do bring a solid return on investment. Luckily, there are many affordable ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget. Check out these ideas for an inexpensive bathroom upgrade from Handyman Connection of Victoria.

  • Replace Bathroom Fixtures – Coordinating a color scheme for your bathroom to contrast cabinets with accessories like towel ring bars can provide a simple upgrade to your bathroom by just buying new fixtures.
  • Replace your Countertop – A high quality laminate or remnant stone slabs for a new countertop is a cheap way to provide an update without actually replacing the whole vanity. If your vanity is solid and doesn’t need to be replaced, this is a cheaper way to upgrade.
  • Update the Vanity – If your vanity is solid but you still want an update, you can create a new look by sanding or painting. Make sure you sand the first coat for a smooth surface before applying a second coat when sanding and if painting, use a primer first.
  • New Shower Curtain or Doors – For under $200, you can buy a new shower door to completely change the look of your bathroom. You would be surprised by how much a dirty door can make your bathroom look. If you don’t have the need for doors, even getting a new curtain and matching bathmat can do the trick.
  • Replace Light Fixture – If you find a fancy light fixture and can replace your existing one in the bathroom, this can add an easy pizazz to your bathroom that is an unexpected update!

Handyman Connection of Victoria – The Expert Remodeling Service

If any of these ideas sound like your kind of update but you need help, call Handyman Connection of Victoria at 250-384-4969 for the experts to help you in any way!

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