Every New Homeowner Needs These Tools

Calling your landlord to fix home-related issues is a thing of the past! You are now a new homeowner and having a well-stocked toolbox to handle your repairs around the house will be your savior. While sometimes it’s necessary to call a professional like Handyman Connection of Victoria, a few essential tools may be able to let you do the work yourself.

  • Tape Measure – A Tape measure is indispensable for home improvement projects including hanging pictures, determining window covering sizes or figuring out if your new couch will fit in your space. Tip – Always measure twice, just to be safe!
  • Power Drill and Drill Bits – Using a power drill to hang heavy pictures, put up curtain rods or mount TVs on the wall will save you lots of time instead of using a screwdriver. Drills are also important for building projects so make sure you have multiple drill bits including Phillips, flathead and square tips.
  • Screwdrivers – If you don’t have a power drill, you are still able to do repairs around the house including tightening cabinet handles or replacing batteries in your child’s toys. A Phillips is the most common so make sure you have that around the house as well as a flathead as these are good for switching plates/outlet covers.
  • Hammer – The most exciting part of owning your own house is decorating your walls with photos and artwork. Make sure you have a hammer to ensure you can pound a nail in or pull one out if you need to rearrange.
  • Pliers – A sturdy pair of pliers are great to ensure you can twist, yank or grab anything you are working with.

Handyman Connection of Victoria Is A Call Away For Help!

Most homeowners learn as they go so if you are feeling that you are not 100% confident on tackling your own repairs, call Handyman Connection of Victoria at 250-384-4969 to ask for your free evaluation quote.

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