4 Ways to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Grease, coffee grounds, eggshells, potatoes and beans are the most common causes of kitchen sink clogging. This is a disruptive plumbing problem that you should address right away to keep water from wreaking havoc in your kitchen. Here are four ways to fix clogged kitchen sinks:

1. Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaners may come in liquid, gel or powder form, but they all have the same chemical reaction that involves moving electrons. They either take or give electrons to the clogging substance, producing heat in the process. Remember to choose mild drain cleaners to avoid damaging the polyvinyl chloride pipes.

2. Drain Trap

To get a closer look at the kitchen clog, remove the drain trap. This sink component has U- or S-shaped curved pipe that often gets clogged with debris washed down the sink drain. Keeping your sink trap clog-free is important since it seals and keeps sewer gas from escaping the drain.

3. Plunger

This is the most common kitchen unclogging tool, but it works as good as other drain-cleaning techniques. Plunging a drain involves suction and compression. To put this into perspective, pulling the plunger up causes water to rise, which helps the clog to loosen. For this method to work, pull the plunger away from the drain after at least six pumps, and observe if the water drains away. One trick from a pro: pour warm water after the clog is cleared to flush any debris into the drain line.

4. Drain Snake

Use this drain machine if the plunging method doesn’t work. The mini-rooter or medium drain machine is the best option if you are dealing with kitchen sink clogs, but a top snake may also work if the blockage is not too far down the drain pipe.

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