4 Things to Keep in Mind When Baby-Proofing Your Home

It’s important to start baby-proofing your home as early as possible. You don’t want to be caught off guard when your baby begins crawling. The key to effective baby-proofing lies in the fact that your baby doesn’t see things on the same level as you.

Handyman Connection® of Tuscaloosa talks about the top four things you should keep in mind:


Crawling babies like to touch the furniture in the room so use corner and edge guards on objects with sharp corners. Place heavy items on low, sturdy furniture so they won’t be toppled over if the baby pushes the furniture. Secure unstable wall decorations to the wall to avoid falling hazards. Consider using childproof latches for all your cabinets as an extra precaution.

Hazardous Objects

Babies and toddlers tend to be attracted to colorful objects so move cleaning agents, toiletries and other harmful substances out of their reach. The dangling cords on your windows or drapery can entangle a child, so tie the cords up or cut them off. Lastly, if you live in a two-story home, use safety gates at the top and bottom of the steps to prevent your children from falling.

Bathroom Hazards

Consider using a soft cover for your bathtub spout and covers for your knobs. This prevents hard objects from causing injuries. In addition, use a bathtub ring to allow your child to be more mobile in the bathtub while keeping them safe. Prevent any slipping incidents by using a non-slip bath mat in the tub and on the floor next to it.

Fire Hazards and Electrical Hazards

Keep your growing child safe from potential fire hazards by using a safety latch on your oven door and by using a plastic stove guard to prevent access to the knob covers and burners. Make sure any electrical cords, wires and outlets are out of reach to reduce the risk of electric shocks. Use safety plugs and covers on outlets close to the ground as well. 

Following these tips can provide your baby with a safe environment to explore. If you need help enhancing your home, then Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa can assist you with our range of home improvement and home maintenance services. Call us at (205) 235-3311 or contact us here to learn more about our services and products or to get a free estimate.

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