Childproof Your Kitchen With This Checklist

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous parts of your home for your increasingly curious toddler. It’s easy for them to fall on the slippery floor or get their inquisitive hands on sharp objects and chemicals. Fortunately, you can avoid these dangerous scenarios with an effective child-proofing strategy for your kitchen.

Our home safety experts from Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa share a checklist to help you create a childproof and safer kitchen space.

Keep Sharp Tools Where They Belong

Many of us are prone to leaving things like knives, forks, scissors and a plethora of sharp tools just lying around the kitchen after use, but this shouldn’t be the case when your child is starting to explore their environment. The first item on your checklist should be keeping these sharp tools where they belong and storing them properly.

Invest in a Dishwasher Lock

We recommend you install a dishwasher lock. It’s surprising how lucky small children can get opening stuff, and this includes the dishwasher, a place full of breakable dishes, knives, and other dangerous objects. Install a lock to keep them safe.

Store the Step Stools and Chairs

Don’t leave step stools and chairs close to the stove, as your adventurous toddler might just attempt to climb on it. Store these out of their reach, such as in a kitchen cabinet or storage area when not in use.

Unplug the Appliances

When not in use, unplug all appliances and electronics and keep the cords out of reach.

Keep Medicine in a High Cabinet

Keep your vitamins and medicine bottles tightly closed and stored in a high cabinet. While most medicine bottles are designed so that younger children can’t open them, they might get lucky and break them.

Hide Away the Cleaning Supplies

Finally, avoid storing your cleaning supplies, bug spray and detergents under the sink. Store these in the appropriate cabinet, preferably, in a place too high to reach or secured with a childproof latch or lock.

Keep this checklist in mind to help you create a childproof kitchen for your home. Contact us today at (205) 235-3311 or fill out our online form for more information on our home improvement services.

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