How to Prepare for Your Basement Remodeling Project

Basement remodeling can be one of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can undertake. But it can be a major hassle if you don’t make the right preparations. Here are a few things you should consider before you start the actual basement renovation.

Look for Moisture Problems

A basement remodeling project can easily go to waste if you forget to check for moisture issues. Look for water buildup, mold growth or streaks of water stains anywhere in the basement. If you find signs of moisture damage, get help from the pros and have those fixed before making further changes to the basement.

Check Building Codes

Depending on your location, certain renovations may not be allowed by local building codes. This is especially true if the project involves installing new wiring or plumbing. Secure any necessary permits from your local municipality to avoid getting fined during building inspections.

Waterproof Your Basement

It’s always a good idea to waterproof the basement even if you didn’t find moisture problems earlier. This way, your new basement is protected from future moisture-related issues. Experts recommend installing vapor barriers and creating an offset space between the interior and the outside wall.


Adding a layer of insulation to your basement walls doesn’t just add an extra layer of moisture protection but also makes it easier to regulate the temperature inside your basement. Depending on the local building codes, you may have to choose between spray foam insulation or foam mats.

Steer Clear of Utility Areas

It may be tempting to renovate the area housing your water heater or HVAC unit, but homeowners are strongly advised to leave that part of the basement untouched. Local building codes are strict when it comes to utility areas and renovating it might lead to costly violations.

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