4 Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs a Refinish

Although high-quality hardwood flooring can add a lot of value to a home, constant wear and tear over the years can ruin its appearance and actually turn it into a liability. You want your hardwood floor to retain its pristine looks, and part of its maintenance is watching out for signs that it needs refinishing.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Damage on hardwood floors usually shows up on surfaces that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as hallways and the areas right in front of chairs or couches. Some areas will need refinishing earlier than others so there’s no need to refinish your entire floor if you don’t have the resources to do so at present.

Scratches and Fading

Scratches and fading caused by friction from foot traffic and other moving objects can ruin the look of your home. More importantly, wear and tear strips off the protective coating of the floor surface, making it more vulnerable to further damage. If you see severe signs of physical damage, you need to get help from the pros ASAP.

Check for Porosity

A hardwood floor’s protective coating must also be waterproof to keep the wood safe from moisture damage. Put a few drops of water on the floor’s surface to test it. If the water soaks into the wood, have your floors finished immediately because it means the coating is no longer effective.

Leaving Thin Flooring to the Pros

Look for seams between individual floor boards and insert a business card or a stiff piece of cardboard. Use a pencil to mark how far the business card went in. If the mark is less than a three-fourths of an inch from the edge of the card, call a professional. This is because thin hardwood flooring is delicate and prone to damage if the refinishing is done by amateurs.

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