4 Simple Ways to Go Green and Reduce Your Bills

Going green may seem like just a trend, but making environmentally friendly changes to your lifestyle has tangible benefits. For example, a greener home can consume less energy and results in lower utility bills. The best thing is, you don’t necessarily have to make a big investment to go green. Read on as Handyman Connection® of Tuscaloosa discusses simple ways to make your home more environment-friendly:

  1. Get an Energy Audit – An energy audit will give you useful information. It will tell you how much energy your home is using and tell you where you’re using all that energy. The results of this audit will provide you with a list of priority tasks to reduce your home’s energy consumption. You can find energy auditors by talking with your utility company or by researching online.

  1. Repair Water Leaks – An ordinary person uses about 100 gallons of water a day. That’s enough to fill about 1600 glasses. In comparison, a dripping faucet can waste up to 74 gallons a day, and a leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons a day. Fixing the drips and leaks in your home can save you a lot of water.

  1. Replace Old and Drafty Windows – Your windows have an important part in ventilating and insulating your home. An old and drafty window has already lost its innate airtight seal, and this means it isn’t properly ventilating your home anymore. Search for replacement windows with an ENERGY STAR® rating. These windows are more energy-efficient thanks to their stronger airtight sealing and higher UV light resistance.

  1. Change Your Incandescent Bulbs with LED – This is a quick, easy and environment-friendly way to save money. LED lights use less energy, last longer, and convert most of the energy used into visible light. They are also more durable and cooler than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

These are just some of the ways you can save energy by going green in your home. Need help replacing your appliances with greener ones? Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa can assist you with a wide range of home maintenance projects. Contact us here or give us a call at (205) 235-3311 to learn more about our services or to ask for a free estimate.


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