How to Choose a Shower Door

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Then you need to think about your new shower door’s style. There are several door designs to choose from, and while the differences might seem merely aesthetic at first, each kind of shower door actually operates differently. Handyman Connection® of Tuscaloosa explains more.

Shower Door Type

You can choose from three different shower door designs including the pivot doors, tub doors and sliding doors.

Pivot doors are common and popular because they don’t require additional shower space to install. This door uses a pivot so it swings open. It’s the practical choice for many bathroom layouts; however, it does take up some space in the bath once it swings open.

Tub doors are designed and made according to the specific measurements of your tub. Because of this unique design, these doors also operate on a pivot. If you need a sliding tub door, you will need additional foundations for installing the door.

Sliding doors are the most versatile of the door types and do not take up extra space in the bathroom because they don’t swing open. They are a good choice if you have a medium to large-sized shower or bath. Sliding doors are also very easy to open and close, which makes this design ideal for aging-in-place bathrooms.

Things to Consider When Choosing Shower Doors

When choosing doors, you need to take accurate measurements of your shower and the rest of the bathroom. It’s important because you might end up with a sliding door that can’t fit inside your bathroom. As a rule of thumb, sliding doors are good if you have a small bath space with a large shower area. For larger bathrooms, pivot doors are better because the space the swing-out door occupies is often negligible. 

For tub doors, you need to carefully consider the kind of glass that you’ll be using. Since tub doors are “freestanding” and installed directly to the tub, the glass needs to be strong enough to handle the pressure you apply when you operate the door.

Do you need help with your bathroom remodel? Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa will be glad to lend you a hand and professionally install your new hardware. We have many years of experience and we back our work with a great satisfaction guarantee. Contact us here or give us a call at (205) 235-3311 for a free estimate on our services.

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