Answering Common Questions About Whole-House Generators

In an area where power outages are common, then investing in a whole house generator is a good choice. A whole house generator will take over as soon as power is interrupted and keep your electrical appliances running. Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa explains what you need to know about whole house generators:

House Generators

Do You Need a Whole-Home Generator?

The first thing you need to do is determine if you need a whole-house generator. Whole-house generators make sense for homeowners who have essential medical equipment in their homes that they need to keep running. It’s also a good investment if you live in an area where snow can pile up in winter. If you have a computer running several systems in your home, or if you have automated security systems, then a whole-house generator will be useful.

What Are the Factors to Consider?

Choosing the right kind of generator will depend on the items you need to operate when power is out. Decide if you want to power operations in your entire home or only provide energy for a few necessary appliances. Consider how much energy these items require: your lights, refrigerator, medical equipment, water well, septic system, TV, electric stove, furnace, laundry washer and dryer, air conditioning, etc. Our licensed electrician can help you determine how much energy your appliance and home requires.

What Are the Types of Generators?

Whole-house generators have two basic types. The automatic transfer switch generator is tied into your home’s electrical system and activated the moment there is a power outage. The other type requires a manual switch.

Determine fuel sources as well. Certain generators only run on natural gas, diesel fuel, or propane. Finally, choose between air-cooled or liquid-cooled generators. Liquid-cooled units tend to provide more energy, while air-cooled units are more affordable.

If you need help deciding the type of generator you want to use for your home, or assistance with its installation, give us a call. Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa has many years of experience in installing and wiring backup generators for all sorts of homes. Our trained professionals will help you find the perfect generator for your needs and ensure great results after your generator installation. Give us a call to learn more about whole-house generators. You can also request a free estimate.

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