4 Things To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Before moving into your new home here in Tuscaloosa, we suggest you create a to-do list. The easiest time to fix and make changes to your home is when it’s completely empty. We’ve gone ahead and created a small to-do list for you to help make the move-in process a little easier for you. Check out what the crew at Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa recommends for you.

Replace Exterior Locks

A lot of homeowners like to make copies of their keys in in case of emergencies. Because there could be multiple copies of a key to your house, we always suggest changing all the exterior locks of your home. This will help make sure that no one has a key to your new home. Changing your locks will help alleviate any potential safety issues we well as give you peace of mind in your own home.

Inspect Everything

Before you move in, it’s important to do an extensive inspection of the entire home. Make sure you’re aware of any issues that need to be addressed and try to get them all resolved before moving in.


You have a brand new, empty home. Take advantage of the opportunity! Use this time to do some extensive cleaning to all rooms of your home. Feel free to even hire a professional cleaning service in the Tuscaloosa area to help make your house as clean as possible before you move in.

Paint or Wallpaper

Similar to cleaning, use the ‘empty house’ opportunity to add a fresh coat of paint or some nice wallpaper to make your rooms like new. This will make painting and installing wallpaper a lot easier and more convenient for you since you don’t have to worry about moving around furniture or getting paint on anything.

Give our expert crew at Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa a call if you have any questions about what else you can do before moving into your brand new home.


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