Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are one of the most looked forward to, joyous times of the year. We get together with family and friends; enjoy holiday themed movies and television, and get to look forward to the New Year. However, with all of the joy, sometimes come hardships. Burglars, hazards, and more can all cause damage or harm throughout the holidays. Our crew at Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa has put together a few safety tips to consider and follow as the holidays approach.

Always, always lock up your home completely when you’re leaving. That includes both doors and windows. Even if you are leaving for a quick errand, make sure you lock up completely when you are leaving your home. To go a step further to ensure the locks are working properly, make sure that all of your locks are sturdy, and replace them if necessary.

When you’re leaving for an extended amount of time such as a family visit or vacation during the holidays, ask a neighbor or family member nearby to drop by your house each day to check on things and to pick up your mail and newspaper. Multiple newspapers in your driveway can indicate that you’re out of town, and could incite a burglar to choose your house to hit. Another way to take precautionary measures for extended stays is to leave a radio or TV on so that the house looks occupied.

Whether it is holiday lights outside, exterior standard lighting, or interior lighting, consider setting your lights on automatic timers so that when it turns dark out, the lights come on, and when it turns light out, the lights go off. This will also help give the illusion that you are home should you be away for more than a couple of days. This will also help cut down your energy bills so that lights aren’t unnecessarily on.

Keep in mind what is visible through your windows to people outside. Try to adjust large displays of gifts so that they cannot be seen through windows. This can also trigger burglars to choose your home for their next robbery.

Be aware of the location of any type of holiday tree, display, or other decorations that may incorporate the use of electricity. Make sure that the wires are out of the way so that people cannot trip over them. Also be sure that there are not too many wires in or around one outlet to prevent any potential fire hazards. Lastly, make sure the wires are not damaged or frayed as this can also cause potential fire damage.

Should you have a holiday tree, make sure that it is mounted on a sturdy base and placed correctly so that nobody can pull it over to fall on him or her or in an area that may cause damage to the home. Additionally, make sure it is placed away from the fireplace so that any gifts underneath or ornaments attached can catch fire.

Our crew at Handyman Connection of Tuscaloosa hopes you enjoy the start of this year’s holiday season! Don’t forget to give us a call with any last minute home maintenance projects before the family comes in town.

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