A paint can may not grab your attention as it sits on the floor or on a hardware store shelf, but it has the ability to do great things when it is placed in the hands of the right people. Handyman Connection’s painting contractors are able to take one of these and use it to change the look of your home. We are the best place in Richmond, BC to carry out all of your painting projects, from single rooms to entire homes.

Services We Provide

We are able to do much more than just paint a wall or two; we offer several painting services for our customers in Richmond. Here are some of the types of painting that you can receive from Handyman Connection:

Indoor Painting

You pick the color, and we’ll take care of the rest. We take great pride in taking care of all painting projects professionally and quickly. Our focus is on both quality of work and protecting your possessions and home.

Exterior Painting

There is a huge difference between indoor and outdoor painting jobs. We will remove flaking paint layers and include a protective coating to keep your exterior paint looking like new. We will ensure we use the right tools and follow the correct procedure for these kinds of jobs.


You can make a personal statement in a room with the addition of wallpaper. It’s important that the wallpaper you choose is applied correctly to avoid disasters down the road. You can trust your wallpaper project to Handyman Connection. We will make sure the entire process is done just right.

Bead Boards & Wainscoting

These two items are both simple ways to make a statement in any room. We can carry out these projects and make sure that they look great alongside existing color or new painting projects.

Accents & Texturing

Painting can be much more than just spreading a single color over an entire wall. Try faux painting and accents if you want to create something really special.

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