Handyman Connection proudly works with the Scarborough community to provide landscape design and hardscaping. With years of experience, our customers expect skilled work at an affordable price. Based on your preferences, we draft and install a range of landscape designs for your own backyard or commercial property. We collaborate with you every step of the process to ensure that you get your money’s worth. With a close working relationship, we work hard to understand your needs and incorporate them into our final product. With the best materials and knowledgeable craftsmanship, you can expect our landscape designs to last for generations to come.

Our Scarborough, ON Landscaping Services

Walkways and Patios

Patios and walkways are an efficient way to fill extra space in your courtyard. We can add beautiful stone or brick patios and walkways that fit in with your current landscape.

Ornamental and Retaining Walls

Sectioning is essential to landscape design. Retaining and garden walls are a smart way to divvy up your backyard and protect your home inside and out. These landscaping features are effective for containing animals, and children and they bring privacy to your space as well.

Porch Lighting

Outdoor lighting makes your yard or patio more fun for guests. Handyman Connection of Scarborough installs a variety of lighting options to bring an additional component of beauty to your property. Downward facing lights and walkway lights are all common types of lighting we offer to Scarborough homeowners.

Go Green with Sod

A bright green lawn in the summer months will always turn heads around Scarborough. Handyman Connection can apply sod to help you save on grass seed and watering costs. Sod remains lush during warm seasons while too much sunlight dries out other types of grass. Talk to Handyman Connection Construction for sod installation or other kinds of landscape design.

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