An unfinished basement is a like an artist’s canvas. There are so many different things that you can do with this area. A couple of extra bedrooms can go a long way to appease children who are tired of having to share space with their brother or sister. Or you can transform your basement into profits with an apartment that brings in monthly revenue. The way to achieve all of these goals is through basement remodeling. There are many great advantages to these projects, but they are still difficult and time consuming if they try to complete it on their own. With the help of Handyman Connection in Don Mills, these daunting details can be taken care of for you.

Our Don Mills basement remodeling team manages your entire project, leaving you with fewer numbers to remember and people to talk to. All of our carpenters must pass rigorous background checks and have ample experience with this process. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction through constant communication. In the list below, you’ll see some of our basement remodeling services in Don Mills:

  • Electrical & Plumbing Work
  • Carpeting Installation
  • Molding Installation
  • Door Hanging
  • Painting
  • TV Cable Installation

Whether you plan to just remodel one room in your basement or you’re ready to revamp the whole thing, Handyman Connection has the tools and resources to assist you. Through it all, you can expect the quality in construction, promptness, and honesty that we are known for.

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