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A correctly functioning electrical system is a requirement for business owners, regardless of what kind of business they run. From restaurants to clinics, Handyman Connection works carefully to complete every task. If the electricity goes out, your fuse box fails or your building is due for an inspection, call Handyman Connection Commercial Services for licensed professional electrical service. The chance of further damage is higher for our clients who try to treat their own electrical issues, so Handyman Connection only brings in trained, licensed specialists to our commercial clients in Scarborough and across Toronto.

Your business should never have to deal with electricity problems for long. Schedule affordable regular electrical services to ensure your work environment is safe for customers and employees. Call us today for help in Scarborough, ON today!

Installations in Scarborough

The electrical services team from Handyman Connection of Scarborough is experienced with a range of installations, such as wiring and security systems and carbon monoxide alarms. Before we start working, we give you a clear outline based on your needs, along with an installation schedule and a free estimate. Whether your business needs modernized security in your store or preparing for an eco-friendly HVAC system, call Handyman Connection in Scarborough.

We install these and more across Scarborough:

  • Lighting
  • Backup generators
  • Motion detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • New wiring and receptacles for appliances for kitchens, offices and other spaces

Updates for Wiring

Plenty businesses around Scarborough are set up in older structures. However the electrical system in these buildings can be obsolete, so it may be hard to set up an updated electrical connection. For wiring code evaluations, diagnostics and modernizations for buildings old and new, call Handyman Connection today in Scarborough.

  • Modernize wiring
  • Inspect wiring in old buildings
  • Set up sockets, outlets and switches

Improvements & Maintenance

When your commercial property is prepared to expand, call Handyman Connection of Scarborough. If you want to add to your business space, you may need a capacity upgrade to carry the additional work on your electrical system. Our licensed electrical contractors will brighten up your business space with updates and more. Code assessments and upgrades for capacity are only some of our services.

Talk to Scarborough Handyman Connection Commercial Services today to get an estimate for free. We listen closely to every one of our business clients to ensure the work is completed correctly the first time.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.