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The feeling your company gives off to a customer can be affected by an unsightly ceiling. Ceilings should be clean and attractive. Ceiling tiles are the perfect way to enhance your company’s property, whether it is an industrial warehouse or up-scale restaurant. Ceiling tiles are also an effective way to enhance the look of a space without having a total renovation. They do a great job of covering up stains and are significantly cheaper than a totally new ceiling. Whether your ceiling tile installation is for form or function, the experts at Handyman Connection can handle it.

Ceiling Tile Installation

Installation processes and tile types differ, but luckily the Handyman Connection staff can help you choose the right one for your building. Acoustic ceiling tiles can help create a space is acoustically perfect and sound absorbent while tin ceiling tiles can give a space an elegant appearance. Installation methods vary and can affect the look and function of a space as well. Handyman Connection can install ceiling tiles in the following processes:

  • Direct Apply — Surface mounted ceiling tiles typically are applied directly and are great for maximizing your building’s ceiling space. Direct apply ceilings are an effective means to cover up stains or textures you don’t like. These tiles are applied directly onto the joist or onto an existing surface.
  • Suspended Ceilings — Suspended ceilings make it easy to access vents, pipes or wiring when they require work. The open areas which are suspended in the ceilings allow for easy access maintenance. Drop ceilings also only require around 3 inches of additional space, so they don’t take up too much of your room’s headspace.

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We think it is important to be reasonable, competitive and detailed with our quotes because the bottom line is important to businesses. In addition to exceptional tile installation, you can expect a free written estimate on ceiling tile mounting. All commercial installations in Scarborough, ON are done by professional installation experts who have undergone a thorough background check and always leave a clean job site. We wouldn’t ever leave a work site untidy or disheveled; we know how critical your business is. Customers can expect to be kept in the loop throughout every part of your ceiling tile installation and we tackle every third-party contractor so you don’t have to. Your complimentary ceiling tile installation quote is at the ready, call us today.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.