For any business owner, a fully functional electrical system is crucial for day to day operations. From factories to clinics, Handyman Connection gets the work done correctly and reliably. If the power turns off, your outlets won’t work properly or you’re ready for an upgrade, call the licensed specialists at Handyman Connection for quick and dependable electrical service. Risks are increased for our partners and their customers when electrical systems malfunction, so Handyman Connection only hires qualified, licensed electricians to our commercial clients throughout Saskatoon.

Problems with electricity may stop production and be a hazard to your employees, so they should never be neglected. Get a free quote for your commercial property and see how affordable electrical upgrades and repair can be with Handyman Connection. Reach out to for help in Saskatoon today!

Appliance, Wiring and Socket Installation

The electrical services staff from Handyman Connection of Saskatoon is skilled with a variety of installations. Our electrical services are scalable enough to serve the smallest boutique to huge buildings. Every business needs different things when it comes to installations, so we initiate our process by talking about your expectations. Whether you need updated carbon monoxide alarms or appliance setup, speak with Handyman Connection Commercial Services.

Our installation services in Saskatoon include:

  • Sockets
  • Backup generators
  • Security alarms
  • Smoke detectors
  • Installation of wiring and receptacles for machinery for kitchens, offices and other spaces

Wiring for Sockets, Outlets and Switches

Lots of businesses throughout Saskatoon use older buildings. Unfortunately the electrical system in older structures is usually outdated, making it hard to install an updated electrical connection. Speak with Handyman Connection today in Saskatoon to request a wiring inspection, testing and rewiring for old and new buildings.

  • Update wiring
  • Assess old wiring
  • Set up sockets, outlets and switches

Improvements & Replacements

As soon as your business is prepared to grow, talk to Handyman Connection of Saskatoon. For expanding businesses, look into capacity upgrades from Handyman Connection. A new building or additional rooms will put strain on the rest of your system and we are available to help you be ready. With replacements and additional services, our specialists will help. We offer code inspections and capacity upgrades to prepare your business to develop.

Free estimates are available when you call Handyman Connection Commercial Services now. We listen carefully to each of our business customers in Saskatoon to complete the work correctly from the beginning.


*Services may change and vary by Handyman Connection location.