HVAC is a fundamental system since it performs several functions, so you’ll realize quickly when it’s not working. If your heating isn’t working optimally, your AC isn’t cooling or you have poor ventilation, you need to reach out to Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley for HVAC services. Our HVAC contractors offer services for properties in Canyon Country, CA. No matter if you’re in need of routine maintenance, repairs or installations for your residence, you can trust the HVAC experts at Handyman Connection.

With Handyman Connection you get an all-inclusive HVAC repair and installation provider. Our HVAC service contractors fix, install and service all leading brands of heaters and AC systems. When it’s necessary to have any kind of HVAC system repair or installation in the Canyon Country area, don’t hesitate to contact a professional technician. We’ve earned a solid reputation for our quality services throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, and for our exceptional customer satisfaction.

First-Rate HVAC Repair & Installation Services

Our crew of certified HVAC technicians have the experience that is needed for fixing, installing and figuring out the complications your system is plagued with. From there, they can offer the best route to fix the problem and get your home’s temperature control functioning as it should again. The understanding they possess ensures that they will pinpoint and repair the issue accurately. Our primary objective is to give you a clear-cut breakdown and an evaluation of the most affordable and reliable ways to repair your HVAC system.

Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley’s expert technicians work diligently on your project. Taking care of the unit in your home is essential not only for the temperature and air quality, but also for energy use. Excessive energy use is a waste of resources and finances. Save yourself from escalating utility bills and call us.


Do you think your furnace is on its way to becoming inoperable? There are some things you can pick up on when a heating unit is beginning to wear out. These include:

  • The age of your furnace
  • Gas/electric bills are increasing
  • You keep needing repairs within a 2-year window
  • You need to keep adjusting the thermostat
  • Pilot light is yellow instead of blue
  • Your furnace makes bizarre noises while operating
  • Everyone in the house feels under-the-weather from carbon monoxide
  • Your home is dry and dusty because your furnace lacks the ability to moisturize and clean the air

These are all signs that your heating system isn’t working correctly. If you are experiencing these things, then you need to get in touch with an HVAC technician from Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley.

Air Conditioner

Similar to your furnace, your AC can wear out over time. However, there are things you can watch out for to determine when your air conditioner is malfunctioning. These consist of:

  • The air flow is lacking – You might realize that your residence isn’t getting as cool as you need it to. This could be due to your unit’s compressor breaking or you have blockage in your ducts.
  • Emitting odd sounds – Be conscious of your AC unit. When it’s on, is it making any unusual sounds? If the answer is yes, it’s critical that you contact a professional HVAC repair specialist at once.
  • Putting out foul odors – There are a couple types of odors that happen with air conditioners. One is a musty odor from mold or mildew growing inside your AC. The second one could be the odor of scorched wire insulation.
  • Moisture accumulation – An accumulation of water by your AC unit could mean a problem with a refrigerant leak or the condensation line.
  • You’re not getting any cool air – If you’re not getting any cool air, it could be a compressor issue or your refrigerant levels have decreased.  


Ventilation is often forgotten as a system that needs attention too. A poorly ventilated house leads to a myriad of challenges for property owners. Narrow and clogged ductwork does not let airflow through your residence as it needs to. This prevention of airflow traps moisture and hot air to accumulate in the ducts causing mold to take root and thrive within the insulation. An expert HVAC contractor inspects your property’s vents as part of their service portfolio to ensure all components of your system are functioning as they should.


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At Handyman Connection of Santa Clarita Valley, our professional HVAC service contractors will be able to make your property comfortable again. Whether you’re experiencing furnace, AC or ventilation challenges in your Canyon Country, CA, home we’ll be able to fix the problem you’re having at an affordable price. Get in touch with us now.