Stucco, or external plaster, is among the top building materials for residences around Canyon Country and across California. Just like many popular materials, stucco is beautiful and lasts decades when well maintained. Stucco starts as an easy-to-apply paste that solidifies to a tough outer layer that is perfect homes and businesses. While it’s water resistant, it’s still vulnerable to some water damage.

However, like any building material, stucco needs some upkeep. Cracks and holes can form after years from impacts or from your home settling into its foundation. Canyon Country Handyman Connection specializes in plaster maintenance and inspections for houses and businesses alike.

Frequent Problems with Stucco

Like many parts of Southern California and Canyon Country, stucco is attractive but isn’t immune to problems. This absorbs water into the inner layers, but additional moisture attracts mold growth and boosts humidity which might enlarge the fissures or chips on the surface. Oversights like incorrectly installed window or trouble with the inner wall can cause additional issues like leaks.

Armed with a collection of diagnostic and repair tools, the experienced contractors from Handyman Connection can help you with repairing or installing stucco. We use wood-specific moisture meters to measure the amount of water in the timber below the stucco in your home. Permeability-recording tools also detect the flow of air and water into your walls. With our many years of experience in stucco repair, a simple visual inspection can generate a treatment for the issues of your stucco. These are a few ways we can improve your stucco:

  • New coats of stucco
  • Cracks, scratches and dents
  • Remove stucco to remedy electric, plumbing or mechanical problems
  • Apply plaster near electric panels, new windows, doors or sliding glass

Free Estimates on Stucco Repair

Handyman Connection helps Canyon Country and Southern California. Our reliable staff of experts provides maintenance, additions and evaluations for all types of properties. If your property’s stucco needs professional help, talk to us today for a free quote.