4 Attractive Crown Molding Trims to Try Out

An eye-catching ceiling trim is a small detail that can really bring the room together. It can even revitalize how bedrooms and living rooms look. Using crown molding can go a long way in establishing beauty and charm.

In this post, our remodeling experts at Handyman Connection® of San Mateo share four attractive crown molding trims to try out.

1. Early American Molding

This crown molding is characterized by bump outs and cyma-recta curves where the crown meets the ceiling. This has straightforward looks with simple accents to make a small kitchen appear larger and more spacious. White is the standard color and it is the best choice if you want to maximize its natural looks.

2. Federal Style

The simple yet elegant bearing that characterizes the Federal style crown molding is great at adding volume to a low ceiling. This English-inspired style became popular after the American Revolution. As such, it fits traditional architecture best. 

3. Colonial Revival Crown

The Colonial Revival Crown is a popular choice for modern and contemporary homes due to its crisp and clean molding that’s simple yet attractive. In terms of design, this mixes Greek Revival and Federal profiles and shows the best of both designs. There’s a bit of variation for this molding too. The standard double curved cyma never goes out of style, but the S-shaped crown is a good choice for ultra-modern homes.

4. Minimal Trim

As its name suggest, the minimal trim is barely there. It has simple beading and a rather indistinct profile, but it’s far from boring. We recommend this crown molding for crowded spaces that you want to enhance a bit to make them more attractive. These include small baths, kitchens and smaller rooms. 

At Handyman Connection of San Mateo, we’ll help you pick the most attractive and appropriate crown molding for your home. Call us today at (650) 437-8995 to learn more about our services. You can also fill out our contact form for a free estimate.

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