Replacing Door Knobs and Deadbolts

An engaged door handle lock doesn’t offer much security; after all, an experienced burglar can enter your home using a credit card or a screwdriver in under a minute or two. To prevent this, replace your inside latched deadbolt with a keyed one. Here’s how you can do this yourself.

Remove the Old Door Lock

Ensure that both locks are the same size to avoid drilling out the hole for the keyed deadbolt. Unscrew the door lock from the inside while supporting the door lock plate on the outside. If this is cumbersome, ask someone for help. Pull the door lock out of the hole.

Install the Strike Plates

Compare the strike plates for the door and door frame to that of the keyed deadbolt. If they’re the same, you don’t need to replace them unless they’re damaged or you prefer new strike plates. Unscrew the old strike plates from both the door frame and door. Screw the new strike plates in place for the door frame and door.

Install the Keyed Deadbolt

Install the keyed deadbolt with the latch facing inward. Turn the latch to verify that it works in the old holes as you hold it in place. If you must adjust the holes, chisel some of the extra wood through which the deadbolt passes.

Hold the lock in place and turn the latch back and forth several times; you can also lubricate the moving parts for better operation. Then, position the front key plate onto the front of the door and line up the screws in the deadbolt with the cylinders in the front key plate. Insert the screws into the cylinders of the front keyed faceplate until they engage. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws, but don’t overtighten. Finally, test the deadbolt lock to ensure that it works as it should.

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