4 Ways To Effectively Brighten Up A Room

A dark room is both drab and uninviting, and will feel small and stuffy to most people. If you want to increase the comfort levels of your living space, then you should brighten things up. Handyman Connection of San Mateo lists four simple ways to effectively brighten up a dark and dim bedroom.

Brighten Up A Room

1. Limit Your Use of Dark Colors

When doing a repainting project, make sure you limit the dark colors you’ll be using to accents and “fillers.” Too many dark shades and hues can make your room feel a bit closed in, and in some cases, will require more lighting – whether it’s artificial or natural. Limit darker colors to a single wall area and stick to bright colors.

2. Let More Natural Light in with Wide Windows

Daylighting isn’t just beneficial for aesthetics, the presence of more natural light can alleviate the mood and give you your daily dose of vitamin D as well. When picking a replacement window, we suggest you pick a design with larger window panes to let more natural light in. Sliding and casement windows are ideal, as the window panes take up majority of the window and they’re easier to operate, too.

3. Lighten Up Your Floors

Another simple way to brighten up your rooms is to lighten up your floor boards. You don’t necessarily have to completely replace your existing floors with a lighter colored one. You can achieve the same effect by installing a large light-colored rug in focal areas of your room, such as the space where the main pieces of furniture rest.

4. Increase Daylight with Mirrors

If you want to increase the amount of daylight entering your room, then we recommend installing a large mirror or mirrors in strategic areas. A good spot would be the wall parallel or right in front of the window. Natural light will bounce off the mirror’s surface, which will then travel throughout the rest of the room. Apart from maximizing the daylight entering your room, doing this also has the visual effect of making your floor space look larger than it really is.

Handyman Connection of San Mateo can assist you in sourcing and installing efficient lighting options that will effectively light up your home’s rooms. Fill out our form or give us a call at (650) 781-7400 for more information on our services.

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