How to Properly Revive Your Deck Area

Your deck area doesn’t just extend your interior’s living spaces. It also adds a significant amount of value to your home. In time, though, your deck area might not look as charming as it used to be. Handyman Connection of San Mateo discusses how you can properly revive your home’s deck area.

Deck Area

Scrape Off The Old Stain

To revive your deck area, you’ll want to scrape off the old stain first. Simply use your deckstripper to scrape the old residue off your deck. Make sure to do the same to your railing as well. You don’t necessarily have to scrape down on the bare wood. Just get rid of the old finish.

Before applying the new stain, make sure you cover any plants surrounding the deck. The stain and stripper can negatively affect the soil and plants, after all.

Applying the Stripper

Start applying the stripper on the railings. Use a regular brush and carefully apply the stripper on the railing. When you’re doing this, it’s important that you apply the stripper in parts; don’t get ahead of yourself and work only a 6 ft. section at a time.

Next, you’ll want to scour the railing to loosen the leftover finish. Finally, blast the railing with water to thoroughly clean it.

Clean and Scrub the Deck

Before applying the new finish on your deck, make sure you clean it first. Clean the deck thoroughly with warm soapy water and then scrub it a few times. Once you’re done, simply rinse the entire deck area with a warm spray of water.

Staining the Deck

Start by applying the new stain on the railings first since it’s actually easier to do. Just like with the stripper, work only a 6 ft. section at a time so that the new stain and finishing is evenly applied.

Now, using a roller, apply the decking sealer on the deck. There’s no style or strategy to do this; just make sure the new stain is evenly applied to the entire surface. If your deck doesn’t have spaced floorboards, we suggest using a small brush to get in-between them.

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