4 Home Storage Solutions That Eliminate Clutter

Eliminating the clutter in your household doesn’t just improve its aesthetics; it also ensures that your home remains comfortable and tidy. Lack of storage is actually the main reason clutter accumulates in your home, so if you have a clutter problem, it’s time to rethink your storage options. Read on as Handyman Connection of San Mateo lists four storage solutions that eliminate clutter.

Home Storage

  1. Rolling Storage

If you have some space beneath your beds or your couch, we suggest investing in a rolling storage container where you can put your accessories in. It’s a great way to finally create a space for the miscellaneous clutter that’s pestering your living spaces.

  1. Canvas Baskets

These are a good investment since they offer large storage and are aesthetically pleasing to look at, too. They are particularly ideal for softer materials like blankets or stuffed animals. The best part is that you can actually create own on your own. Just get a plain basket and fabric paint, and you’re all set.

  1. Mirror Cabinets

You can use mirror cabinets in rooms beside the kitchen and bathroom. Most modern mirror cabinets aren’t swing out anymore; some simply have a small shelf underneath the actual mirror where you can store items ranging from your odds and ends to even an umbrella. They’re also affordable and come in many designs and styles.

  1. Tin Can Organizers

Have some tin cans lying around? Repurpose them into trendy and modern storage options for your bedrooms? The best part is that the design of your upcycled tin can is entirely up to you. We suggest using these as containers for your study and office spaces.

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