Finding the Best Bath and Kitchen Backsplash Material

When you’re picking a new backsplash material for your kitchen or bath space, you need to consider two things – it’s water resistance and overall performance, and it’s aesthetic value and appeal. Tile isn’t the only material there is; there are several materials on the market that make great backsplashes for your kitchen and bath. Handyman Connection of San Mateo discusses what to look for.

Backsplash Material

Function Before Form

Consider the backsplash material’s water resistance first before it’s aesthetic properties. Marble is one of the top backsplash materials since it has that “classic” tile look but boasts higher water resistance and overall durability.

For bathrooms, you can’t go wrong with an all marble space. For kitchens, it’s better if you supplement the marble with other materials like tile or wallpapers since they might look too plain. Just make sure you install the marble tile in areas with high splash risk, like near the sink.

Reflective Finishes Are In (Again)

Both modern and traditional homes can benefit from reflective backsplash material. It’s one way to “cheat” your way out of decorating your kitchen or bath and has the very welcome side effect of making your spaces appear larger than they really are.

While reflective tile or marble is popular for kitchen countertops, they actually fare better in bath spaces. Your bathroom often has very limited space, and installing these reflective backsplashes help increase the illusion that your squarespace is bigger.

Adding a Touch of Color is Good

Finally, don’t be afraid to add a touch of color to your bath and kitchen spaces using backsplashes. While the grey and white is standard coloration, installing a few colored pieces helps add depth and personality to your spaces. Just remember that the colored backsplashes should match the overall design of your kitchen and bath space so that you ensure seamless design.

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