Why Your Gutters Are So Important To Your Home

For many homeowners, gutters are another auxiliary home set piece that they believe they can do away with out. In truth, gutters are an integral component of your home. It protects not just your roofing, but the entirety of your home’s exterior space as well. Handyman Connection of San Mateo explains in detail why they are so important.


Gutters, Roof and Water Damage

Standing water is very dangerous to your roof’s shingles. If they are regularly exposed to unmoving rainwater, it strip away the granules that protect the shingles from elemental damage. Gutters channel the water away from the roof and direct it the ground where they won’t cause any problems to your roof.

Gutters Prevent Exterior Walls and Foundation Damage

The slope of your roofing is actually imperfect; instead of directing the water to the ground, it channels the water to crawl across the exterior wall or siding and down into the foundation. Exposure to rainwater reduces the durability and lifespan of your exterior walls. Without gutters, it will also cause damage to your home’s foundation, and that is very dangerous in the long run.

Gutters Prevent Ice Dams

When warm air rises to your roof during winter, it melts the snow at the top of the roof. The water then travels down to the outer shingles, where it refreezes and forms ice dams. These are dangerous since they put unnecessary weight on your roof and may even cause damage to the rest of your shingles.

With a properly installed gutter system, the melted snow simply travels down through the gutters and to the ground, preventing ice dams from forming.

These are just some of the ways a gutter system protects your home. It’s important to keep your gutters free of clogs and maintain them regularly so that they continue performing their job. If you need help maintaining your gutters, then give us a call at (650) 781-7400 for more information on our services. We’re more than happy to give you a free estimate on our services.

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