Countertop Upgrade: 4 Materials You Should Consider

Deciding on what’s best for your home is not always an easy task, and this is also true for your kitchen. If you’re planning to make modifications and install new furniture, then you’ll want to give plenty of thought to materials. This is a valuable concern for any areas you’re about to upgrade, such as your countertops. You prepare meals on these areas, so you need to make sure to use a durable and high-quality material.

Countertop Upgrade

With so many material options, selecting one for your kitchen countertops can be overwhelming. That’s why Handyman Connection® of San Mateo is happy to lend you a hand. Here are four popular countertop materials and their corresponding features:

  • Soapstone – Many homeowners prefer soapstone countertops because of the material’s pliable texture and heat resistance. On top of that, soapstone does not really absorb stains, although spills have to be wiped up promptly to avoid issues. Scratches on these countertops fade gradually, but they can also be sanded out. This material is available in various colors, such as dark green-black and light green-gray.
  • Ceramic Tile – The main advantage of this material is its natural heat and water resistance. It also comes in a wide array of colors, shapes, and patterns that you can easily customize to complement your kitchen design. Just remember that ceramic tile countertops require regular cleaning to avoid bacteria accumulation.
  • Wood – Everyone loves the charm and warmth of wood countertops. They are also surprisingly durable, allowing you to prepare your meals without hassle. Countertops made of wood can suit almost any kitchen design, but they are particularly ideal for traditional spaces.
  • Concrete – This material have incredible heat and scratch tolerance. If you choose concrete material for your countertops, however, you need to seal them regularly to avoid water damage and stains. Installing them requires precision, so it’s best to turn to an expert for labor.

Your kitchen countertops should suit your personal taste and cooking style, that’s why you need to choose wisely. Our specialists at Handyman Connection of San Mateo can help you with your project. To get a consultation, simply call us or complete our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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