4 Easy Ways to Create a Green Home

Small actions can result in a big change to the environment. Here are four ways to lessen your impact on the planet and create a green home.

  1. Change a Light Bulb

Changing your incandescent bulbs into compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) saves energy and money. CFLs convert most of the energy they use into light rather than heat. They consume about 75 percent less electricity and last up to 10 times longer. Save up to $83 by replacing one 75-watt incandescent with a 25-watt CFL.

  1. Unplug Things That Glow

Anything that has an LED (light emitting diode) lamp glows even after you turn it off and continues to draw power. Among these are TV, cell phone chargers and printers. Unplug them from wall sockets and plug them into power strips instead. When you don’t use them, flip the strip switch to cut the flow of electricity. Do this and you could save $200 a year.

  1. Recycle Your Electronics

Americans threw away 5.5 billion pounds of electronics in 2005, according to the EPA. These include TVs, stereos, cell phones and computers. Millions of pounds of chemicals and heavy metals end up in the ground. As a response, the Consumer Electronics Association created the site mygreenelectronics.org. This website helps people find a recycling resource near them and identifies which electronics are easier on the environment and your energy bill. If 1 million people recycle one cathode-ray tube TV this year, 4 million pounds of lead will not end up in the ground.

In addition, an average American household has three cell phones. Sell unused cell phones to greenphone.com. They will refurbish and resell the phones and give you $35.

  1. Audit Your Energy

To save energy you must know exactly how much and where you’re using it. Investing in an auditor will tell what you can do to curb consumption. An energy audit shows how to save up to 30 percent on utility bills.

Handyman Connection of Rockville can help you with the mentioned tips to create a green home. For consultation and estimates, call (301) 453-2090.

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