5 Simple and Easy Steps to Organize Your Messy Closet

Organizing your closet may seem difficult at first glance, but it’s actually simple. All you need is a plan. Handyman Connection® of Rockville discusses how to organize your closet in five easy steps.

Clear Out a Space – If you want to properly organize your closet, you need to allocate a space where you can temporarily place the clothing and other items from the closet. The bed or a cleared-out area of the room works well. This might not seem like an important step, but you’ll have an easier time organizing your closet if you have a tidy place to set your clothing aside.

Start Making Categories – The best way to organize your clothing and other things is to categorize them. For example, you’ll want to separate clothes you wear indoors from your outdoor clothing. You’ll also want to allocate a separate drawer for your formal wear and underwear too. Categorizing your clothing makes everything tidy, and you’ll know exactly which closet, drawer or cabinet to check for that piece of clothing you need.

Remove Unnecessary Items – You might be surprised how many unnecessary items are in your closet. Get rid of these and store what belongs there properly. If they are supposed to be part of your closet, we suggest getting a small container for those items so they don’t mess up what you’ve organized.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need – Sentimentality aside, you should get rid of old clothing that you don’t wear anymore. Not only does it consume the already limited space of your closet, but it clutters it too. Get rid of shirts, pants and anything that’s several sizes too small or too big, to free up some much needed space in your closet.

Clean Your Closet – Finally, we recommend cleaning your closet at least once every month. It might surprise you how dirty a closet can get with all the hidden clothing tags and strips of cloth lying around in the shelves. When it’s time to organize the closet, don’t forget to do a quick cleaning so it’s easier to do.

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