4 Beautiful Bathroom Design Ideas To Try Out

Many homeowners consider the bath space of the house to be the last place they’ll want to decorate. Tile, after all, seems like a very restrictive material when it comes to aesthetics. This is far from the truth though, and you can make your bath space an eye-catching room with the right mix of tile designs and styles. Handyman Connection of Rockville lists four bathroom design ideas to try out.

Bathroom Design

1. Hexagonal Tile Pattern

We recommend the hexagonal tile pattern if you want to add a graphic punch and depth to your bathroom’s floor space. It has an “impact” effect on the visuals, and has an uncanny side effect of making your bathroom floor space appear larger than it really is. This tried and tested combo of whites and blacks is ideal for this pattern as it gives your bathroom an elegant look.

2. Flush Walls and Floors

Another chic bathroom design trend to try out is flush walls and flooring. This basically means the tile for your walls should match the flooring, and the effect here is a luxurious and professional look akin to hotel bath spaces. We highly recommend black tiles for this design trend as it gives your bathroom some much-needed depth, in contrast to white tiles which may appear bare.

3. Make Your Bath Window the Focal Point

The bathroom window is probably the only static decoration in the entire room, so make the most of it. The standard sliding or casement window for the bath space can become the focal point by decorating around it. One example is to install bath shelves along the border. Even if it’s not exactly at the center of your bath space, your window will look centered if it’s decorated this way.

4. Multi-Shade Tiles

To add some depth to your bathroom, we recommend using different shades of the same color for your tiles. Doing so promotes a modern and trendy watercolor effect. Try to limit your shades to two or three colors though, so that you create that proper colorful patchwork effect.

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