4 Interior Lighting Trends That Are Making Waves This 2017

2017 so far is a generous time for home improvement, with many experimental design trends fast becoming mainstream due to their broad appeal. Interior lighting is no different, and there are several design staples you can choose from this year. Handyman Connection of Rockville lists four interior lighting trends you’ll want to consider installing in your home this year.

Interior Lighting Trends

1. Wall Plates

Wall plates are again becoming a staple interior lighting design – particularly for contemporary and ultra-modern homes. Though many consider it somewhat utilitarian compared to other designs, it is more subtle and can easily blend into your living space’s architecture. It’s minimal but eye-catching – perfect for the subtle design of modern homes.

2. Gold Lighting Fixtures

Homeowners with traditional homes will delight in the elegance that gold lighting fixtures bring to their living spaces. Gold hues work very well with traditional designs and spaces, and can quickly become the centerpiece of your living room or dining area. The best part about gold lighting fixtures is that they blend well with other metals, such as silver and brass. If you want to stay trendy, ditch the silver and go with gold.

3. Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting fixtures are a hot trend this year, and they are growing in popularity with homeowners with minimalist modern homes. These industrial lighting fixtures tend to reflect light downward, which makes them great for kitchens, bathrooms, and study areas. They come in a wide range of colors too, so you aren’t restricted to plain old silver and gray.

4. Streamlined LED

Finally, minimalist LED light fixtures are what you want if you are adding functional aesthetics in your modern and contemporary home. The subtle design of most LED fixtures today leans towards minimalism, and they’re energy-efficient, too.

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