Different Kinds of Sinks for Every Kitchen

Your kitchen sink is possibly one of the hardest working fixtures in your kitchen. After all, you use it far more times than you do the oven or microwave. Since it’s an essential feature in the kitchen, your sink has to keep up with the evolution of the space into a multi-functional hub of activity. Handyman Connection of Rockville, your expert general contractor, shares the different sinks available on the market.

Kitchen Sink

Self-Rimming Sinks

Also called drop-in sinks, these are one of the easiest sinks to install. They easily fit into a cutout on your countertop and are supported by the flanges that overlap the cutout. Its main disadvantage, however, is the barrier between the surface of your countertop and the bowl formed by the lid. This means that you can’t sweep any food or liquid into the sink. Even if you try and succeed, it’s highly likely that debris will get caught at the edge where the two surfaces meet.

Undermount Sinks

As the name suggests, undermount sinks are located under the countertop by either hanging from the underside or are supported by the base cabinet structure from underneath. Unlike self-rimming sinks, an undermount sink allows you to brush the items  from your countertop directly to your sink without the risk of debris getting caught. You can attach this sink to your countertop with clips and mechanical fastening devices. Heavier sinks on the other hand, require a better designed mounting system to secure their installation.

Flush Mount Sinks

Flush mount or tile edge sinks are similar to self-rimming sinks, except that they require a tiled countertop. The tile should be installed so that it’s flush with the sink’s mounting flange, providing a flush surface. A grout line is usually between the edge of your sink and your tile’s surface.

With a more comprehensive understanding of the different sinks available, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, by turning to our experts at Handyman Connection of Rockville, you can assure the quality of the sink and its installation. Contact us today to request a free estimate.


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