3 Steps to Renewing Your Old Deck

Remember the pride a newly constructed deck brought you? Now, a few years later, you hardly notice it as you walk by. Maybe the colors have faded, or the wood is looking a little gray with some mildew on it. If this is the case, don’t worry. Let experts from Handyman Connection of Rockville discuss the step-by-step process to reviving your old deck.

old deck

Start with Repairs

Make sure that your deck isn’t just appealing, but fully-functional as well. Begin with a full inspection of the entire deck; examine any parts that have direct contact with the dirt. The water in the soil can induce rot, so if you can sink a screwdriver into any part of your deck, then it’s time for a renovation. Be sure to tighten the fasteners attaching your deck to your house and take note of any missing or damaged flashing. Give them a thorough inspection and look for telltale dark stains that signal the presence of moisture.

Follow with a Thorough Cleaning

If your deck has been properly maintained through the years, it can easily be revived with a deck cleaner. When using concentrated chemicals like cleaners, make sure you wear protective eyewear and gloves. Go over your deck with a brush to let the solution sink into the wood fibers. For a more effective cleanse, make sure that the boards are kept damp and then let the cleaner do the work.

Apply the Stain

You can apply a protective finish once your deck is fully repaired and dry. Clear finishes and stains are great options for relatively new wood but if your deck is slightly older, then a semi-transparent stain is ideal. The pigment gives your deck a clean and fresh color that allows any new parts to blend in seamlessly. It also provides added protection from the harsh elements and lasts longer than clear stains. Applying the stain in subsequent coats while the first layer is wet helps absorb it into the wood. Painting over your deck may seem fun, but unlike a stain, they form a film on the surface that can peel or chip.

With the right tools and cleaning solutions, you can easily restore your deck to its former glory. You can also turn to our professionals at Handyman Connection of Rockville for a superior restoration. Feel free to contact us if you need any minor or major deck services.


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