Newest Trend for 2018 – Wallpaper

Interesting new options in home design are providing homeowners with an added level of opulence to their homes that they just can’t get with a can of paint. One of the trends starting to make a comeback is wallpaper. Handyman Connection of Red Deer can make any of these options a reality to ensure that your home is designed the unique way you want it to be.

  • Intricate Designs in Small Spaces – While busy prints can be overwhelming in large spaces, many people don’t realize that a small room, like a bathroom, has the opposite effect. For a cozy but luxurious feel, have an intricate pattern installed.
  • Illusion/Themed Wallpaper – Illusion wallpaper can create a theme or setting to help make the walls come alive. Brick, stone and wood planks can add interest or depth while pictures like forests, oceans or mountains can make you feel like your somewhere else without leaving the house.
  • Warm Metallics – To provide a warm glow throughout your darker rooms, use rose gold or copper colored wallpaper to create a balance.
  • Botanical Prints – Bring the nature indoors by using botanical prints like flowers, vines or palms. These soothing greens and yellows can achieve that particular look and feel.
  • Marbling – Marbling wallpaper is much lighter and easier to install then tiles or panels and the upkeep is much less as well. 2018 trends are much more unique but keep the random veining and swirling colors of the marble look.

Beginning to End – Drywall and Wallpaper – We Do It All

Starting at the beginning of the prep stage, to drywall repair and wallpaper install, Handyman Connection of Red Deer can provide a qualified craftsman to ensure your work is done right. Call today at 403-314-2120 for your free evaluation quote for not only wallpaper, but painting as well.

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