5 Low-Cost Updates for a Fresh New Bathroom

While everyone wants a bathroom remodel, for many homeowners, it just isn’t in their means. Luckily, there are many affordable ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget while still bringing in a solid return on investment. Handyman Connection of Red Deer can offer you some ideas for these updates.

  • Install new Countertop – An attractive new way to refresh your bathroom is to use material options such as remnant stone slabs or high quality laminate to replace your countertop with. This is more affordable then replacing the whole vanity.
  • Add new Shower Curtains or Doors – At less than $200, a standard shower door is very reasonable prices and can even feature glass treatments which makes cleaning easier. If this is not an option, buy a new curtain with matching rugs to upgrade your bathroom instead.
  • Update the Vanity – If you don’t need to replace your vanity, apply a coat of paint or stain for a fresh new look. Tips: Old paint and stain need to be sanded off first. Wipe down with a dry cloth and then apply your stain. If you’re painting, use a primer first and then the top color of your choice.
  • Add a Dramatic Light Fixture – To brighten up your bathroom in a fan way, purchase a fancy light fixture to have installed. While this isn’t a usual place you expect to see a fancy light, it can add pizazz to your room quickly.
  • Replace Bathroom Fixtures – Adding in large/fancy towel bars or toilet paper holders can add some funky designs in your bathroom. Sometimes the smallest additions can create a fresh look in your bathroom.


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