Don’t let your Pipes Freeze with these Tips

Handyman Connection wants to ensure you don’t have to interrupt any of your family gathering or down time this winter. Busted water pipes, flooding, structural damage and mold that can result would be the worst situations to interrupt your personal time. With these simple precautions and plumbing maintenance, you can prevent these disasters from happening.
1- Disconnect Garden Hose – By not disconnecting the garden hose, any water left inside the pipes that lead outside can potentially freeze and crack from the pressure. With this, make sure you shut off the indoor water valve and drain the pipes leading inside to be safe.
2- Maintain a Steady Household Temperature – The temperature at night can plummet and if your thermostat is set too low, the warmer heat in the morning may not be enough to prevent the pipes from freezing. Even though you think you are saving money by turning down the heat at night, it is safer to maintain that temperature for your pipes.
3- Take Precautions before going out of Town – Before leaving town whether it’s for a weekend or longer, make sure your house is protected by setting your thermostat no lower than 13 degrees. Coming home to a flooded house and repair bills is the worst way to end a vacation!
4- Insulate your Pipes – Before winter arrives, check your attic and crawl space and ensure that your pipes have an adequate layer of insulation on them. Exposed pipes are more likely to freeze so this is a very important step in protecting them.
Handyman Connection is always a call away if one of these steps is not followed and a disaster occurs. We have licensed plumbers available for any kind of call!

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