Looking to reduce your summer utility bill? Check these savvy ways out!


Blasting your AC in the hot sweltering heat may seem like a good way to cool down, but in reality, an action like this can cause a drastic increase in your monthly utility bill. Even when you try to save money by turning off your lights and unplugging unused devices, your bill still seems to raise! Handyman Connection is the trusted company who can help you save with these easy ideas!

Adding Insulation – Leakage of cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter can happen easily if you don’t have the proper amount of insulation. Fill in the gaps to quit the leakage.

Inspect your AC Unit – Not only can we come and clean your air filters, but we will ensure everything is operating efficiently in case you do really need that extra blast of cool air.

Install Ceiling Fans – Overhead ceiling fans can help circulate the air and keep your house temperature several degrees lower. Not only do you get a nice breeze, but you get a fresh new look in your house with a beautiful ceiling fan.

Call Handyman Connection today for your free evaluation, no obligation quote. We can work with you to help decide what easy home project is the best for you to save this summer!

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