Move over winter – Spring Home Repair is here!

Prepping your house for spring is a big step toward winter officially ending! In order to enjoy spring the right way, your house needs the attention it deserves, inside and out. If you have ideas and plans but just can’t seem to find the time to do them, call Handyman Connection. With our flexibility, we can schedule a free, no obligation quote at any time with one of our qualified craftsmen to come to your home to help you push winter out of the way and bring spring in! Some items to get done in May that we would recommend are:

  1. For a more visual appeal, clean your gutters, deck or porch
  2. Cleaning your windows inside and out will also create a fresh look
  3. Spring rain can ruin any exposed wood so checking all trim on your windows, doors and railings and replacing if necessary can stop any damage
  4. Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detector
  5. Dry rot on your garden hose is a simple replacement fix
  6. Paint your fence, desk or porch after its cleaned

Being proactive can save you money in the long run and there is no better time than in spring. Your home is a valuable investment and to insure it stays that way, Handyman Connection is here to help. From installing blinds to cleaning gutters on your roof, we are reliable and available to assist in your projects so you can have a relaxing spring like you deserve. Call today!

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