How to Insulate your Home by Handyman Connection of Belleville

Save on heating costs by adding insulation to your home.

It’s not exactly considered customary for homeowners to always feel a sense of chilliness within the comfort of their own homes—especially when the heater is blowing warm air for hours on end. How can a home remain so cold even though the heater is on full blast? Well, it could be because you have a poorly insulated home. Did you know that properly insulating a home can save homeowners up to 30% on their heating costs? Not only will you feel more comfortable in your home, but you’ll also feel great knowing you’re saving money and energy.

Fight the cold weather this winter by hiring our home maintenance crews to add insulation to seal any possible air leaks or drafts in your home. This home repair project is easy with the help of our home maintenance contractors. As part of our home repair services, our home maintenance contractors can help homeowners with caulking windows, replacing drywall, installing wall insulation, connecting electrical wiring, and putting in energy efficient windows.
You can drastically lower your heating bill by learning how to properly insulate your home. Here’s a great home repair guide filled with helpful tips for homeowners:

  • To locate air drafts, place candles near doorways, vents, and windows to determine if and where a draft is coming from. Our home maintenance contractors recommend checking the basement and attic for potential air leaks as well.
  • For a temporary home repair insulation fix, purchase a plastic window insulating kit. These kits are normally fairly inexpensive.
  • Leaving your window without window treatments is just begging for the cold air to come in. Hang inexpensive fabric curtains around your windows to help prevent the cold air from seeping into your home. This home improvement consists of finding a rod, hooks, fabric, and wall mounts.
  • For drafts inside your walls, insulate them with either a fibre glass insulation or spray foam insulation. A Handyman Connection of Belleville home maintenance contractor can help you with this process.

By utilizing these home maintenance tips, you can be certain that your home’s insulation will be up to par. To have a well-insulated home year-round, hire Handyman Connection to take care of all your home repair projects.

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